Planning Your Revision KS4

Preparation is everything, before you start your revision check:

  • Exactly when, where and how long each exam is
  • What topics you need to cover for each exam
  • You have all the notes, books and past papers you need
  • What sort of exam each paper is e.g. multiple choice, essay based
  • If you have any exam clashes and how to resolve them
  • What percentage your coursework carries for each subject

Revision Rules

Always make your own revision notes – you’ll learn as you write them and once you have done them you’re half way there Don’t overdo it – concentration lapses after about an hour so take regular breaks, including exercise and work at your own pace Experiment with different revision techniques – try using highlighters, different coloured pens, flash cards etc Focus – know what you’re doing and why Look at past exam papers and know how questions could be asked Be confident – if you’re positive about your exams, you’ll take in more and remember it when it counts Simple Techniques
  • Condensing: rewrite your notes, cutting them down so they fit onto one side of paper
  • Highlighting: target key areas using cards, colours and symbols – visuals help you remember the facts
  • Recording: tape important points, quotes, formulae – if you hear and read things they’re more likely to sink in
  • Talking: read your notes out aloud
  • Testing: see what you can remember without notes, but avoid testing yourself on topics you know already
  • Timing: do past exam papers against the clock – it’s an excellent way of getting up to speed

One Week to Go

  • 7 days to go: be realistic – set daily targets  -you know you can achieve
  • 6 days to go: avoid sticking to topics you find easy
  • 5 days to go: if you need to, get outside for half an hour – then get back to your books
  • 4 days to go: do a timed test, you need to practise working against the clock
  • 3 days to go: treat yourself to an extra hour of relaxation time – you deserve it
  • 2 days to go: don’t panic – you can learn a lot in 2 days
  • 1 day to go: think positively – all your hard work will pay off

Keeping the Momentum Up

Have a ‘mini’ celebration after each exam Make a list of each revision topic and cross them off as you do them Build your exams into your work plan so you know exactly how much time you have left for revision File away revision notes once you’ve done the exam

A revision planner has been provided to help with your time management during exams