School Equipment

School Bag:

Plain Black rucksacks and satchels are the only acceptable type of bag permitted by the school. String bags are prohibited as they often damage school textbooks. Stationery List: The school expects each student to attend school well equipped with basic items that will help him/her participate fully in each class. Parents should ensure that their child has the following:
  • Two HB pencils

  • A4 lined/plain paper

  • One A4 ring binder

  • A highlighter pen

  • A geometry set

  • A plain pencil case that will hold a 30cm

  • Two black, blue and red biro pens

  • A fountain pen or Liquid Ink/Gel (Black, Blue, Red)

  • A rubber

  • A sharpener

  • Colouring pencils

Students are NOT allowed to bring in Tipp-ex or thick board markers.

Prohibited Items:

The school does not accept responsibility for any personal items that are lost or stolen on the premises. In order to pre-empt any potential property issues the school has prohibited students from bringing in the following:
  1. Walkmans/Discmans

  2. MP3 Players (iPod)

  3. DVD players & DVDs

  4. Any type of hand-held games console

  5. Computer games

  6. Any type of jewellery (Except small studs)

  7. Comics & Magazines (Unless otherwise specified)

  8. Caps

  9. Hooded tops

    If these forbidden items are found on person of any student in the school, they will be confiscated only returned to the child’s parents.

    Mobile phones are not forbidden items, however if a pupil brings a mobile phone, she must switch it off and hand it in to the admin office until the end of the day. If a mobile phone is found on the person of any student during school hours, it will be confiscated and returned only to the parents at the end of the term.

    This list is subject to revision at the discretion of the school.