First Aid Policy

UGHS will undertake to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with regard to the provision of first aid for all pupils, staff and parents and visitors and will make sure that procedures are in place to meet that responsibility. This policy complies with section 10.0 of the school’s Health and safety policy and is reviewed annually. 

The policy is guided by the Work Place Health and Safety Act 1995, the First Aid Advisory Standard 2004 and the school’s Health and Safety Policy. 

First Aid 

The immediate care given to an ill or injured person until more advance care arrives. 

Aim and Objectives 

  • To identify the first aid needs of the school in line with Health and safety at Work Regulations 1992 & 1999 
  • To ensure that first aid provision is available at all times while people are on the school premises and also of the premises whilst on the school visit 
  • To appoint appropriate named person of suitable training 
  • To provide relevant training to all staff 
  • To provide awareness of Health and safety issues within the school and on school trips, to prevent, where possible potential dangers and accidents. 
  • To inform staff and parents of first aid arrangements 
  • To report, record and where appropriate investigate all accidents. 
  • To maintain life and to prevent further injury and ease pain 

Named First Aider/s:     

Filsan Abdulkadir Abdulaziz;  

Sophie Khoury;  

Sheima Essien; 

 Shenaz Fernandez 

In keeping with the Health and safety policy all staff a responsibility to minimise the risk of injury for themselves and pupils. It is the responsibility of the head teacher to ensure that the work place is safe and that health and safety precautions and in place and maintained by all staff and pupils and provide an area where pupils can rest when unwell. 

It is further responsibility on the head teacher to ensure that there is at least one named person who has first aid training. All staff should be aware: 

  •  That they should attend annual basis life support training. 
  •  Of the first aid equipment available in the school. 
  •  Unless licensed to do so will not administer pain relief  
  •  Those parents must take the responsibility to ensure that an inhaler is kept at school for pupils who are asthmatics.  
  • They are not permitted to dispense antibiotics upon parent’s requests. 

First Aid Provision 

First aid kits are available at the following destinations: 

General Admin office 

Staff Room 

Sick room  

 First Aid Procedure 

  • Assess the situation maintain own safety; in the case of an electric shock disconnect the power 
  • Administer first aid 
  • In the case of an elevated temperature; call parents /guardian to collect child. 
  • Record all incidences in first aid book. 
  • For pupils with injuries fill in a Notification of Injury Form- form will be sent to parents/guardian 
  • In the case of an ambulance being called a teacher must accompany the pupil and the school will inform the parents/guardian. 
  • Maintain confidentiality 

Head Injuries 

Accidents regarding a pupils head can be serious and the injury might not be evident and the effects may only become noticeable after a period of time. 

If head injury is minor it should be monitored closely and an incident report form completed.

Any serious head injury should always referred for Hospital treatment (please follow the section for emergency arrangements.)  

Emergency Arrangements 

Where the injury is an emergency, an ambulance will be called following which the parents will be contacted.  

Reason to call an ambulance: 

  • In the event of a serious injury 
  • In the event of any significant head injury 
  • In the event of a period of unconsciousness 
  •  Severe breathing impairments due to asthmatic attacks 
  • Where a fracture is suspected 

 It is not possible to name all the different cases where an ambulance should be called out; the First Aider will use her judgement in all cases  

Where hospital treatment is required but it is not an emergency the name first aider or anyone acting in her absence will contact the parents for them to take over the responsibility of the child. 

Hygiene/ Infection Control 

Hands must be washed before and after Aid. 

Disposable gloves must be worn when treatment involves blood of body fluids. 

Soiled dressing must be disposed of in a yellow waste bag. 

Any body fluids on the floor should have absorbent granules sprinkled on them, then swept up with designated pan and brush. Area should be bleached.  

Incident Reporting 

All Incident / injuries / head injuries aliments and treatment must be recorded  

Parents are always informed by letter of any head injury. 

Parents will be contacted if there are concerns about the injury, or needs to send a child home through illness. 

Any significant injury also needs to be filled out in the Accident book; this must be completed by the person administering First Aid and where possible by the person who has had .the accident. 

It is recommended that these records are kept for 7 years. 

Reviewd by Head teacher: May 2016 

Next Review: May 2017