Collective Worship Policy


Unity Girls High School starts start with form time or assembly during which pupils will have activities that focus on aspects of Islam and moral issues as well as to promote and celebrate achievement every day.  All Muslim students must participate in Zuhr Salah (and Asr Salah when it falls during school time [collective worship]), which will take place everyday  


Unity Girls High School, as a school founded on Islamic principles, aims to provide its pupils with a learning environment which nurtures and strengthens their Faith (Iman) to build a firm foundation for future development and involvement as active members of the Islamic Sunni faith and of society as a whole, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.  

Collective worship organisation  

Presently Unity Girls High School is delivering a thematic tarbiyyah (spiritual and moral training) programme. The programme is delivered during assemblies and it is also a strong cross curricular activity. Studied throughout the academic year, the structured programme will enable pupils to apply important teachings of Islam to their everyday lives. Themes such as the attributes of God, where students are taught many of the positive aspects of these characteristics and how to apply them to the following elements: the self, the family, the community and the environment. For example God’s attribute of Mercy is discussed for a whole month and how it should be applied to the various categories referred to above.  

The school anticipates that as a result of studying God’s attribute of Mercy; compassion and kindness will be foremost in the minds of staff and students during that period.   

In conclusion collective worship makes an important contribution to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of students. It prepares students for the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult life in a multi-faith society. 

Review of Policy 

This policy will be reviewed every year. 

Date Policy Approved February 2017 

Signed by The Headteacher Nora Bashire

Next Review Date February 2018