Attendance Policy

UGHS is committed to providing a full and efficient education to all pupils and holds the concept of equal opportunities for all. We will endeavour to provide an environment where all pupils feel valued and welcome. This policy reflects the Education Act 1996 and the school’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Child Protection Policy. All registers of attendance will be kept for three years. 


To raise levels of achievement, by assuring the highest level possible of attendance, punctuality and school involvement. To this aim we consistently work towards a goal of 100{13131d6c00c7a970d86a44fa22659bcdeceed5e97f1b088644df0f843c3225cb} for all children 


  • To help pupils, parents, or guardians understand the importance of regular and punctual attendance.  
  • To keep accurate and up to date record of attendance 
  • To identify causes of non-attendance and take Action 
  • To improve attendance of individuals and whole school 

The Law 

Under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 parents are responsible for making sure their child of compulsory age receive full time education. Parents therefore have a legal responsibility to ensure their child’s regular attendance, failure to do this means that the parent is guilty of an offence under the law. 

Whole school strategy for attendance 

  • Give attendance a high profile at assemblies  
  • Promote good attendance with home school agreement  
  • Monitor attendance 
  • Implement system of rewards and sanctions  
  • Keep parents informed  
  • Ensure work is provided for excluded students and long term absentees  
  • Liaise with Education Welfare Officer. 
  • Yearly review of attendance figures; set attendance targets 

Role of Form Tutor 

  • Be a good role model for pupils 
  • Praise pupils for arriving on time 
  • Give attendance high profile -Take action where pupils are late of absent without explanation 
  • Keep an accurate register- Entries in paper registers must be in ink; all corrections must be visible (no correcting fluid) 
  • Observe for patterns of absentees  
  • Work closely with parents 

Role of Parents 

  • Ensure that children leave for school in time 
  • Provide written explanation for children’s absences from school 
  • Endeavour not to take children out of school in term time 
  • Notify the school as soon as possible as problems arise with child’s attendance 
  • If no letter  has been sent in advance telephone the school on the first morning of absence.

Role of Pupils 

  • Arrive for registration at 08.40am 
  • Be on time for lessons 
  • If late, sign in at the administration office 
  • Make sure you have a note to explain your absence. 

School Procedures 

Any child who is absent from school at the morning or afternoon registration period must have their absence recorded as being authorised, unauthorised or as an approved educational activity. Only the Headteacher or a member of staff acting on their behalf can authorise absence. If there is no known reason for the absence at registration, then the absence must be recorded in the first instance as unauthorised. 


Morning registration will take place at the start of school at 08.30am. The registers will remain open for 15 minutes. Pupils arriving after registration must report to the school’s office and sign in with administration. Pupils who arrive late regularly are liable for sanctions. 

Step 1: if students are late more than 3 times in a term, a letter will be sent home and 1 hour detention after school (3:30pm – 4:30pm) and monitored. 

Step 2: Student are late for the 6th time they will have to sit 1 hour detention after school and arrange a meeting with parents, Headteacher and tutor. 

Step 3: student 9 times late leads to suspension. 

In cases for example, where the absence at registration was for attending an early morning medical appointment, the appropriate authorized absence code will be entered.  

Pupils arriving after the start of school but before the end of the registration period will be treated for statistical purposes, as present, but will be coded as late before registers close. 

The afternoon registration will be at 1.00pm and will close after 1.15pm.(Note that times may vary slightly depending on salah time at different times of the year) 

First Day Absence 

In the morning of the first day of being absent parents are expected to contact the school. 

  • The school office will call / text the parent 
  • A record will be kept electronically inform7ation includes (time of contact, parent’s name, reason for absence, signature)  
  • Teachers and form tutor will be informed of the absence 
  • Register updated  

Third Day Absence 

Upon return to school, a letter confirming the reason for absence should be handed in to the Form Tutor. If on the third day the child is still absent the school will attempt to make contact with the parent by phone and will also send a letter home. 

Five day Absence  

If the child is absent for five days or more, the school requires a doctor’s note on return. If a doctor’s note is not handed in the school reserves the right to suspend the child until one is produced.  

Continuing Absence 

After five days of absence and no contact has been made by parents a further letter will be sent out to parents 

Ten Day’s Absence 

Any pupil who is absent without an explanation for 10 consecutive days; the school has a legal responsibility to notify the Local Authority, by submitting a referral to the Children’s Services Attendance Team.   The school will include details of the action that they have taken. 

Frequent Absences 

It is the responsibility of /the Form Tutor to be aware of and bring attention to, any emerging attendance concerns. 

In cases where a pupil begins to develop a pattern of absences, the school will try to resolve the problem with the parent/s  

Welcome Back Culture 

It is important that on return from an absence that all pupils are made to feel welcome. This should include ensuring that the pupil is helped to catch up on missed work and brought up to date on any information that has been passed to the other pupils. 

Absence notes 

Notes received from parents explaining absence should be kept for the remainder of the academic year. If there are attendance concerns about the pupil, that may require further investigation, then the notes may need to be retained for a longer period. 

Holidays in term time 

Holidays during term time are to be discouraged. Parents will be reminded of the effect that absence can have on a pupil’s potential achievement. The school will consider authorizing up to 10 days absence (or more in very exceptional circumstances) but parents must apply in advance for permission. 

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The registration system 

The School will use manual registration system for keeping the school attendance records. 

The following national codes will be used to record attendance information. 





Present (AM) 



Present (PM) 



Educated off site (NOT Dual registration) 

Approved Education Activity 


Other Authorised Circumstances (not covered by another appropriate code/description) 

Authorised absence 


Dual registration (i.e. pupil attending other establishment) 

Approved Education Activity 


Excluded (no alternative provision made) 

Authorised absence 


Extended family holiday (agreed) 

Authorised absence 


Family holiday (NOT agreed or days in excess of agreement) 

Unauthorised absence 


Family holiday (agreed) 

Authorised absence 


Illness (NOT medical or dental etc. appointments) 

Authorised absence 



Approved Education Activity 


Late (before registers closed) 



Medical/Dental appointments 

Authorised absence 


No reason yet provided for absence 

Unauthorised absence 


Unauthorised absence (not covered by any other code/description) 

Unauthorised absence 


Approved sporting activity 

Approved Education Activity 


Religious observance 

Authorised absence 


Study leave 

Authorised absence 


Traveller absence 

Authorised absence 


Late (after registers closed) 

Unauthorised absence 


Educational visit or trip 

Approved Education Activity 


Work experience 

Approved Education Activity 


Untimetabled sessions for non-compulsory school-age pupils 

Not counted in possible attendances 


Enforced closure 

Not counted in possible attendances 


Pupil not yet on roll  

Not counted in possible attendances 


School closed to pupils 

Not counted in possible attendances