Admission Policy

Unity Girls High School is a faith based school and as such the school’s admissions policy reflects its purpose of serving the community and reflects the diversity within the community . 

All Pupils (girls only, until further notice), who have reached the age of entry for a particular academic year, are welcome to take part in the entrance test and interview. 

Unity Girls High School follows a holistic approach to education and believes that all candidates should have an opportunity for entry. We value our entrance test but realize that all children might not perform to the best of their ability under exam conditions. Interviews will allow those candidates who do not perform well during the exam to still have a successful opportunity for entrance. The interview will allow us to assess the Islamic character and background of the pupil. 

Entrance Criteria 

The candidates will be required to sit three compulsory tests; Mathematics, English and Science. 

Subsequently, The interview will be conducted by the Headteacher and/or by a panel. 

Candidates will be questioned in general about their home and previous school environment and their understanding and expectations of Islamic values. 

The interview will allow an opportunity for the school to assess individual character and suitability.  

Maths Test: 

Candidates will be assessed on their general understanding of the mathematical concepts tested in KS2 of the National Curriculum. 

All KS3 entry candidates will be expected to have covered the syllabus which includes the following: 

  • Multiplication tables ( up to 12) 
  • Simple fractions and decimals 
  • Money, length distance and weight in metric units: time including the 24 hour clock 
  • The concepts of size, shape and symmetry: simple perimeter, area and volume 
  • The reading of information from charts and diagrams 

English test: 

Candidates will be assessed on their spelling, grammar, comprehension and writing ability. 

Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their reading comprehension and their writing skills. They should be able to present their ideas in a coherent manner. 

The best preparation is to cultivate the habit of extensive reading covering a broad spectrum of topics. 

Application Requirement 

Students will only be deemed successful and fully admitted once the three requirements have successfully been processed: 

  1. The entrance test 
  1. Interview 
  1. Approved and received previous school file and reference. Please note that any behavioral or child protection issues must be disclosed at the interview. 

Admissions Criteria 

Where the number of successful applications exceeds the admission limit set, the admissions committee will apply the following criteria, for allocation of places: 

  • Date of application. 
  • Siblings at the school at the time of allocation. 
  • Attendance at previous Islamic Education institutes. 
  • Pupils who score the highest mark in the entry tests 

Admissions for Special Needs Students 

In accordance with our holistic approach we believe that all children including those with special needs are a gift from Allah (God). We would like to offer all applicants an opportunity to become part of our unique school community. At present we do not have students with SEN statements but anticipate this will change in the near future. 

In keeping with our aims and objectives we will accept for each academic year, at least one successful applicant with a statement of “Special Needs”. 

Waiting List applications 

Where applications are made after the official closing date or during the term, candidates will be required to undergo the same admissions process for any remaining places available. Where, all places are filled, the candidates will be placed on the waiting list. 

When a place becomes available the candidate at the top of the waiting list will be offered a place in accordance with the admissions criteria. 

Review of Policy 

This policy will be reviewed every year. 

Date Policy Approved: January 2017 

Signed by The Headteacher Nora Bashire

Next Review Date: January 2018